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Bibhav Kumar assaulted me with unrelenting force repeatedly, says AAP MP Maliwal in FIR

Bibhav Kumar assaulted me with unrelenting force repeatedly, says AAP MP Maliwal in FIR
The FIR documents Swati Maliwal’s account, describing this as “one of the most arduous periods of my life” and noting that “the pain, trauma, and harassment have been overwhelming.”

In the formal complaint regarding the alleged attack, Ms. Maliwal asserts that Mr. Kumar continuously struck her with intense force, and no one intervened.  Bibhav Kumar assaulted me with unrelenting force repeatedly, says AAP MP Maliwal in FIRShe also stated that despite informing Mr. Kumar about her menstruation and the accompanying pain, he remained indifferent.


The FIR quotes Ms. Maliwal describing this as “one of the most challenging periods of my life,” with the inflicted agony, psychological distress, and harassment being utterly overwhelming. She expressed difficulty walking as a result.


Ms. Maliwal, who formerly led the Delhi Commission for Women, emphasized the irony of her situation, having dedicated her life to advocating for women’s issues and securing justice for countless women, only to be “savagely assaulted by someone known to me for years.”


The FIR states, “I am profoundly unsettled by this incident and appalled by the exhibition of such thuggish behavior.”

She has called for the most severe punitive measures in response to the incident.


Details of the alleged assault on Ms. Maliwal, which occurred at Mr. Kejriwal’s official residence on May 13, surfaced on Friday as the Rajya Sabha MP appeared before a magistrate at the Tis Hazari court to document her testimony.

On Thursday, the Delhi Police registered an FIR in the case, identifying Kumar as the accused, officials confirmed.

A purported video of the Delhi Chief Minister’s residence, depicting Maliwal in a verbal altercation with security staff during the alleged assault, circulated widely on social media on May 17.


According to the FIR, Ms. Maliwal arrived at Mr. Kejriwal’s official residence at 9 am on May 13. She recounted to the police that after entering the camp office and unsuccessfully attempting to contact Mr. Kumar, she proceeded to the residential section and requested the staff to inform Mr. Kejriwal of her presence.

“I was informed of his presence in the residence and directed to await him in the drawing room,” she recollected..


While awaiting Mr. Kejriwal, Mr. Kumar allegedly stormed into the room, “screaming at me without any provocation and even started verbally abusing me.”

The FIR records Mr. Kumar’s abusive tirade: “How dare you defy us? What makes you think you can say no to us? What do you think of yourself, you wretched woman? We will teach you a lesson.”


Ms. Maliwal stated in the FIR that “without any provocation” on her part, Mr. Kumar began “slapping” her with “full force.”

“He struck me with force repeatedly, delivering seven to eight blows as I cried out in shock and desperation. In a bid to protect myself, I instinctively kicked him away,” she recounted.

“At that moment, he pounced on me, brutally dragged me, and deliberately pulled my shirt up, causing my shirt buttons to open and the shirt to rise. I plummeted to the ground, my head colliding with the central table. I continued screaming for help, but no one came,” she further detailed.

She accused Mr. Kumar of “unrelentingly attacking” her, kicking her in the chest, abdomen, and lower body with his legs.


“I was in excruciating pain and kept pleading with him to stop. Despite my shirt rising, he persisted in assaulting me. I repeatedly informed him of my menstrual state and the unbearable pain, pleading for him to let me go,” she stated in the FIR.

Following the incident, she described herself as being in a “state of utter shock from the unprovoked attack.” She recalled being “deeply traumatized” and immediately called the emergency number 112 to report the incident.

Mr. Bibhav threatened her, saying, “Do whatever you want; you cannot harm us. We will break your bones and bury you where no one will ever find you.”

She said Mr. Kumar left the room upon learning she had called the police helpline but returned with security personnel from the CM’s camp offices.


In the FIR, she claimed they instructed her to leave “on Mr. Kumar’s orders.” She said she continued to inform them that she had been “brutally beaten” and asked them to wait until the PCR van arrived.

She stated she got into an autorickshaw with the assistance of the PCR staff.


“I arrived at the Civil Lines police station and took a seat in the SHO’s office, tears streaming down my face as I recounted the incident to the SHO,” she expressed.

“I was in excruciating pain, suffering severe cramps. I began receiving numerous calls from the media on my mobile. Due to the trauma, pain, and not wanting to politicize the incident, I left the police station without filing a written complaint,” she said, adding that her head was throbbing in pain and her arms and legs were “aching terribly due to the assault.”

Ms. Maliwal said the days following the incident have been “extremely painful for her.”


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