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iOS 18 Release Date, Top features, Supported Devices

iOS 18 Release Date, Top features, Supported Devices

Apple has unveiled iOS 18 on June 10. Notably, Apple introduced iOS 18 at WWDC. However, Apple has imparted crucial information to all iOS aficionados: not all iPhones will receive the iOS 18 upgrade. Enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the next AI and iOS 18 update since the launch date was announced. Following the iOS 18 debut at WWDC, a select group of users can now access the beta version. 

The novel iOS 18 presents an array of impressive features including Eye Tracking, Calculator enhancements, App location modifications, App hiding, and more. Peruse the article thoroughly to discover further details about the iOS 18 launch date and its features.

iOS 18 Release Date, Top features, Supported Devices

iOS 18 Release Date – Overview

– iOS 18 Release Date: Expected on September 9, 16, or 23
– Company: Apple Inc.
– iOS 18 Beta Launch Date: June 10, 2024
– iOS 18 Minimum Requirement: A12 Bionic chipset
– iOS 18 Supported Devices: iPhone 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, X, SE (2nd and 3rd Generation)

To experience iOS 18 on your iPhone, a few more months of anticipation are required, as the official release is projected for September 2024. Historically, Apple has rolled out major iOS updates every September, as illustrated below:

– iOS 13 release date: september 19 2019
– iOS 14 Release Date: September 16, 2020
– iOS 15 Release Date: September 20, 2021
– iOS 16 Release Date: September 12, 2022
– iOS 17 Release Date: September 18, 2023
– iOS 18 Release Date: September 9,16 or 23 2024 (expected)
iOS 18 Release Date

Apple has heralded the arrival of iOS 18, showcasing a suite of cutting-edge AI and intelligence features tailored for the latest iPhone models. This update empowers all iPhone users with unprecedented customization options for their devices. Additionally, Apple has placed a significant emphasis on privacy, ensuring it remains a cornerstone of the user experience.

 The introduction of AI-driven Apple intelligence in this latest update is poised to revolutionize the way you interact with your iPhone, ushering in a new era of user-centric innovation.


iOS 18 Top Features

Following its unveiling on June 10, 2024, iOS 18 is now accessible in developer mode. However, be mindful that the beta version may still harbor bugs and glitches. This update is powered by advanced Apple Intelligence and includes an enhanced Siri. iOS 18 will be rolled out to other compatible devices upon the launch of the iPhone 16. Below are some standout features of iOS 18:

– Customizable App and Widget Arrangement: Apple iPhone users can now freely organize apps and widgets to their liking.
– Enhanced App Icons: App icons now support dark mode and a variety of color options.
– Revamped Control Center: A brand-new control center allows users to customize their experience.

– Text Message Update: iOS 18 introduces Rich Communication Services for text messaging.
– Photos App Enhancements: The Photos app now features grid-style layouts and browsing themes such as recent days, years, people, and pets.
– Dedicated Password Manager: Users will have access to a dedicated password management app.

– App Locking and Hiding: Enhanced security options enable users to lock or hide apps.
– Call Recording Feature: iPhone users will finally gain the ability to record calls.
– Smart Dialing: A new smart dialing option simplifies making calls.

– SIM Card Switching: Users can easily switch SIM cards after updating to iOS 18.
– Eye Tracking Feature: Control and open apps with eye movements using the innovative eye tracking feature.

These updates are set to enhance the user experience, making the iPhone even more intuitive and user-friendly.

iOS 18-Supported Devices

Apple has officially announced the list of devices compatible with the upcoming iOS 18 update, as detailed below:

– iPhone 15
– iPhone 15 Plus
– iPhone 15 Pro
– iPhone 15 Pro Max
– iPhone 14
– iPhone 14 Plus
– iPhone 14 Pro
– iPhone 14 Pro Max
– iPhone 13
– iPhone 13 mini
– iPhone 13 Pro
– iPhone 13 Pro Max
– iPhone 12
– iPhone 12 mini
– iPhone 12 Pro
– iPhone 12 Pro Max
– iPhone 11
– iPhone 11 Pro
– iPhone 11 Pro Max
– iPhone XS
– iPhone XS Max
– iPhone XR
– iPhone SE (2nd Generation or later)

This extensive list ensures that users with a range of iPhone models can enjoy the latest features and enhancements brought by iOS 18.


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