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Nandini Milk Price and Packaging Changes Increase of ₹2: Political Reactions and Implications

Nandini milk price and packaging

Nandini milk price and packaging

The recent decision of nandini milk price and packaging by the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) to alter the packaging and pricing of Nandini milk, effective from June 26, has ignited a political maelstrom. The opposition has pointed fingers at the Siddaramaiah-led administration, alleging governmental interference. Contrarily, the government asserts that KMF made this decision autonomously.

Under this new directive, KMF will not escalate the price per unit of milk but will augment the volume in each packet. Each packet will now be infused with an additional 50 ml of milk, with the price correspondingly adjusted to reflect this increased volume. Specifically, the half-liter (500 ml) packets will be supplanted by 550 ml packets, and the one-liter packets will be replaced by 1,050 ml packets.

The revised pricing scheme sets the 550 ml packet at Rs. 24 and the 1,050 ml packet at Rs. 44. Previously, these packets were priced at Rs. 22 for 500 ml and Rs. 42 for 1,000 ml. Thus, although the price sees a minor uptick, consumers are effectively receiving more milk for their expenditure.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, in a post on X, elucidated that the primary impetus for this modification is to ensure that the surplus milk produced by farmers is not turned away at collection centers. Over the past year, Karnataka has witnessed a 15% surge in milk production. Last year, the state’s daily average milk production was 90 lakh liters, which has now burgeoned to 99 lakh liters per day. The augmentation in packet volume is designed to accommodate this surplus production and avert any rejection of farmers’ additional milk.

Siddaramaiah clarified, “The cost per unit of milk will remain unchanged; however, each packet will now contain more milk, with the price adjusted accordingly to reflect this increased volume

Nandini milk price

He further expounded that this decision is advantageous for both farmers and consumers. By incrementing the milk content in each packet by 50 ml and levying only Rs. 2 more for the supplementary milk, KMF aims to adeptly manage the heightened milk production and ensure the surplus reaches consumers

At present, a substantial portion of the milk produced in Karnataka is earmarked for milk powder production. Approximately 30 lakh liters of milk are utilized daily to produce 250 metric tons of milk powder to meet prevailing demand. This new resolution will assist in equilibrating the requirements of the milk powder production industry with those of the liquid milk market.

Siddaramaiah also underscored the government’s endeavors to bolster dairy farmers. When the incumbent government assumed office, the average daily milk collection in the state was about 72 lakh liters. The government instituted a Rs. 3 increase in the milk price, channeling the additional funds directly to farmers, thereby rendering dairy farming more lucrative. Moreover, favorable rainfall this year has ensured an abundant supply of green fodder for cattle, contributing to the surge in milk production.

Amidst multifaceted variables, milk production has now surged to an impressive near 1 crore liters daily,” Siddaramaiah proclaimed. He accentuated that KMF’s resolution is meticulously designed to adeptly navigate this production swell, ensuring mutual benefits for agrarians and consumers alike.

Political Ramifications and Public Perception

This decision has undeniably stirred a political hornet’s nest. The opposition has been vociferous in its criticism, alleging that the Siddaramaiah government is manipulating KMF’s decisions to garner political mileage. They argue that such a significant decision cannot be devoid of political influence, especially given the timing and the economic ramifications it holds

On the other hand, the government has steadfastly maintained that the decision was made solely by KMF, aiming to balance the scales for both farmers and consumers without governmental meddling. The administration has also been keen to highlight that this move ensures fairness and transparency, dismissing opposition claims as baseless and politically motivated

Consumer Sentiment and Market Dynamics

From a consumer’s perspective, the slight increase in price might initially seem unfavorable. However, when evaluated against the backdrop of the increased volume, it becomes apparent that this adjustment is actually beneficial. Consumers are getting more value for their money, with the incremental cost being justified by the additional 50 ml of milk per packet.

Market analysts suggest that this strategic move by KMF could potentially stabilize the milk market in Karnataka. By absorbing the surplus milk production into regular consumer channels rather than diverting it solely for milk powder production, KMF ensures a more balanced distribution of milk resources. This not only helps in maintaining milk prices at a stable rate but also alleviates potential wastage.


In conclusion, the Karnataka Milk Federation’s decision to increase the volume of Nandini milk packets, while maintaining a proportional price increase, is a strategic move that addresses multiple facets of the dairy industry in Karnataka. Despite the political controversy it has sparked, the decision is rooted in practical considerations aimed at benefiting both farmers and consumers. By ensuring that surplus milk production is effectively managed and that consumers receive more value for their money, KMF has taken a significant step towards stabilizing the milk market in Karnataka. This decision underscores the importance of balancing agricultural productivity with consumer needs, setting a precedent for future policy decisions in the dairy sector


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