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Pune trainee IAS who used beacon on private car, made ‘VIP demands’ transferred

Pune trainee IAS who used beacon on private car,

Pune trainee IAS

Pooja Khedkar, the IAS officer of the batch of 2023.
After being selected in the Indian Government Service, the IAS officers have to complete a two-year probation period. They have to know how the district’s work is going on.
They have to work in different departments. And after experiencing this work, they have to be given an appointment. Pooja Khedkar, the IAS officer of the batch of 2023.

This is a different matter. Because at the beginning of the probation period, this madam has to guard the car, bungalow and house. But this newly appointed madam, has been explained by the senior officers.
But still, this madam’s temperament will be a little less. Finally, the district officials wrote a letter of 25 pages. Directly to the madam’s office.

She came to collect the documents. And after that, the madam was transferred from Pune district to Vashim district. Madam was on probation period.
She used to be a senior officer. Each and every reason of this madam is coming forward now. Actually, on any special vehicle, the Maharashtra government does not put such a board.

But in the case of Pune district, as a probation officer, Madam has put such a board on her special Audi car. The Maharashtra government has put such a board. Not only this, but they have also put red and blue lamps on this car.

This lamp should be lit even during the day. Looking at this beautiful car, who should this officer discuss with? This is nothing. This madam has occupied the anti-chamber of a senior officer’s office.
That means, this senior officer had gone to Mumbai for government work. On hearing this message, this madam took out her luggage from the anti-chamber. And went to her own office.

Not only this, she had also put a board of her own name. In between, after returning from Mumbai, this senior officer complained about this to the district officials. On this, the district officials told the madam to return their office.

On this, this madam messaged the district officials and said that she was insulted. This means, all the district officials have complained against this. Before becoming a probation officer, this madam had complained to the district officials by sending a message on WhatsApp asking for a car, soldiers and a house.


The district officials’ office in Shezadi had also asked for an office. Okay, the office that was given, this madam didn’t take it. At least, the parents of this madam, Dilip Khedkar, also come to the district officials’ office.

And threaten the officials there. They threaten, if you harass my daughter, you will also be harassed in the future. You will not get this much post in your life.
This is how they threaten the officials and the workers. This is also stated in this complaint. In fact, Pooja Khedkar, in this past month, had come to the district officials’ office as a probation officer.

But, in this month, due to their false demands, the officials were completely shocked. Their arrogance was also discussed. But, the district officials, Pooja Khedkar, who was on probation, had complained that her behavior was not suitable for the administrative authority.
And, due to this complaint, Khedkar’s temperament changed in the district. So, what do you think about this behavior of IAS Pooja Khedkar?


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