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3 Benefits of rice water for Youthful and younger skin

Benefits of rice water

Youthful and younger skin

hello friends,  how are you i hope you all are doing good.

today I’m going to tell you,  3 Benefits of rice water and how you can
make your own rice water for acne free
brighter smoother younger-looking skin.
first let’s talk about why rice is so
beneficial for the skin.
rice water is full of minerals and
amino acids that are essential for the
skin including Frehley acid, which is a
powerful antioxidant that contains
anti-inflammatory properties in addition
to being one of the most gentle skin
cleansing agents.

 rice water contains

vitamin b1, vit. C and vit.  E which together can
shrink pores tighten brighten and soften


first water can even offer a slight

protection from the Sun.It lightens your complexion

You can lighten your complexion using rice
water as it has bleaching properties. Just apply
it on your face and neck using a cotton pad and
let it dry. Wash it off with water after about ‘IO

Minimises open pores

You can use rice water to shut your open pores
as act as an astringent. You need to refrigerate
the rice water then apply it on your face
using a cotton pad. Leave it for about ”IO
minutes and then rinse with plain water.

Gets rid of the trizz

Rice water makes your hair frizz—free as it
includes a carbohydrate called inositol. It
repairs your hair and protects it from further
damage. Use it to rinse your hair after


 so let’s see to how you can make that magical water

you should use half a cup of rice, you can use
any rice differece have different
so the first thing you want to do is
wash your rice this is very important
because you want to get rid of any dirt
bacteria and pesticides. I like to wash
my rice at least three times you’ll
notice that the water turns milky this
is not advice water this is what we want

to get rid of.

after you wash the rice and I can add in
the water that we’re gonna let the rice
sit in.
once I’ve added all of the water I like
to lace it for at least 30 minutes and
then you can just start using the rice
water straight from there this rice
water will last you about five days in
the fridge before it starts to go bad.
when using the rice water you want to
first make sure that you have a clean
face first we’re like to use this is as
a toner.
all I do is dip my compact into the rice
water squeeze out the excess and then
just directly apply this to my face.
the second way I like to use my rice
water and my favorite way is with these
complex sheet masks, these are really
cool because all you have to do is pour
a bit of water on them and they’ll open
up into a sheet mask.
once I’ve opened it up I fold it and put
it straight into the rice water, I let
this sit for about 15 minutes so it can
absorb everything really well. when you
take you out don’t squeeze out the
excess you want it to be dripping wet,
otherwise the mass will drop fast and
won’t stick properly to your face. I had
to squeeze it out because I usually do
this over a sink and I don’t want to get
it all over the floor you’ll notice in
the clip that I didn’t quite stick

properly to my face.

I let the mask sit for about 10 minutes
and then I just peel it off and I fold
up the mask and wipe the excess on my
and then I just Pat everything else into
my skin but you can wash off if you want
after using rice water on your skin for
a while you’ll notice that your skin is
softer firmer and smoother.

Rekha vishwakarma

Writer & Blogger

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