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Biotique bio morning nectar visibly flawless skin mmoisturizer Best) review

Biotique bio morning nectar visibly flawless skin mmoisturizer Best) review 

Biotiqe bio morning nectar visibly flawless skin lotion:hey guys , my todays review is about biotique morning nectar flawless skin lotion  this review is best for dry skin.
About Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless
Skin Lotion
This lightening and nourishing lotion is blended with pure
Honey, Wheatgerm and Seaweed. It sinks into skin to
replace natural oils and replenish lost moisture for a
noticeably fresher, fairer complexion.
 biotique bio morning nectar flawless skin lotion comes in a standard biotique packaging, a white plastic bottle with green screw cap. 
It has a wide mouth opening that can lead to  product wastage if you are not cautious while pouring it out of the bottle.otherwise it’s nice. I have 120 ml bottles size which is good for travelling. 

Price and availability :  199 for 120ml.
You can only purchase from online, like  purplle.com, flipkart and biotiques official websites.
It has for all skin types 
Texture and fragrance: biotique bio morning nectar flawless skin lotion comes in a milky white color and it has a thik consistency. 
It has a very good fragrance like harbal fragrance. 
 Bio morning nectar Ingredients:
 gehun seeds, kumari leaf pulp, moogfali seeds oil,  kushumbhi seed oil, badam oil,  honey, purifie water.
How to apply
apply evenly over cleansed face and neck, morning and night, you can also use this lotion under the makup.
It’s claim: visibly flowless skin moisturiser is a refreshing lotion that hydrates and nourishes skin. Reduce and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Keep skin flawlessly fresh, light and bright.
My experience

Now Biotique claims that this lotion’s moisturisation
effect will somehow give us fairer complexion. I am sorry,
I beg to differ here. I have used up 2 bottles of this lotion.
However, never noticed my complexion getting fair or
anything while using it. It does moisturise my skin well
making it look helthier. But never changed my skin tone.
normal to dry skin beauties. However, I am not too sure if
beauties with oily skin type would love it. But I feel oily
skin beauties may give this a try if they are exposed to
cold or air conditioned drying environment for long.  This moisturizer is best for winters.
Reason to buy morning nectar visibly flowless skin moisturiser 
Morning Nectar

Flawless Skin Lotion:
• It is enriched with the 100% botanical
extracts of pure honey, wheatgerm and
• Moisturizes the dry skin nicely.
• It is not very expensive.
• you can use as a day and night lotion.
• It doesn’t cause any skin breakouts.
• It is dermatologist tested, free from
preservatives and is not tested on animals

Reason to avoid this moisturiser 

 I wish the bottle had come with a pump
dispenser as now you need to squeeze the
bottle really hard to get the lotion out of the
bottle. Also, the wide mouth of the bottle
leads to product wastage.
• it’s a strong fragrance which will bother
people with sensitive noses.
• It gives uncomfortable sticky feeling for the oily skin.

• Its skin lightening claims are not true.
• It comes without SPF.

 Morning nectar vosibly flawless  moisturizer Purchase link 👇

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