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dark circle are often an esialy recognizable sign that something is wrong with your system.

 some causes of dark circle


as you get older, your skin becomes thinner. the skin below your eyes is already thin, and with age, it thins further, and the blood vessels on the skin below your eyes start showing. this leads to dark circles.


Deficiency in iron and B12 causes dark circles. it leads to inadequte oxygenation on the tissue and manifests itself prominently under the eyes as a  bluish tinge.

even vitamin K deficiancy causes this problem because a lack of it leads to poor blood circulation in the body.


prolonged, exessive sun exposure leads to the over production of melanin in the skin cells . the hyperpigmentation of the skin surface , including the undereye area, can be avoided by the regguler application of sunscreen agents.

but lets be realistic – we can not be constantly protacted from UV rays. as for the under eye are-it is not a good idea to apply sunscreen so close to the eyes.


women are very likely to develop dark undereye  circles during menstruation or pregnancy, as the skin undergoes dramatic changes.


stress dose not allow you to sleep well and disrupts your hormonal balance. stress makes your skin go pale, and your sink deep into their shockets- this makes the blood vesselsbeneath your eyes more prominent, resulting in dark circles.


dehydration stagnates toxins and fluids in the body. due to fluid retention, it couses it couses baggy eyes that leads to the apppearance of dark circles.

take adequte water in your body causes the skin cell to shrink, which is another causes of this problem.


cigarette smoking is linked to eye condition and disease.

these are also leads to the  condition too
medication ,
scratching your eyes,
liver disease,
excess salt and caffiene,
fluid retention,
eye bags,

the list below provides some important treatment method , helping eliminatre the dark circles.

1.try to consume rich, nutritious foods, avoiding junk

this includes the  consumption of fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt and  other dairy product, nuts and sprouts,cereals and beans.

2. the reguler physical and breathing exercises are a must.

3. never neglect the importance of healthy sleep.

4.apply eye cream- remember to avoid applying facial mask to the area, surrounding the eyes the skin is way more sensitive compared to the other5.  facial skin and it is more prone to sever irritation and excessive dryness.

4. dont massage the area.

5. flush your eyes several times a day.

6. used tea bags-if you are a tea drinker  just take the last 2 tea bags you have used , put them in the fridge for a couple of minutes and apply them to the eye.

7. Almond oil-it may seem a bit suspicious, but almond oil is proven to eliminate dark circles. it has strong skin brightening properties, while it also heals smoothes and lightens the skin.

8. compresses of ice water and cold yogurt

when applied directly on the closed lids for 10 minutes, the ice water or cold yogurt compresses are amazingly beneficial for reducing the puffines and dark circles around the eyes.

9. the trivial cucumbers and potatoes…..
they are must you need to apply slices of cucumber or potatoes to your eyes at least 2 times a week.make sure you have covered the undereye circles and leave them for at least 20 minutes. the effect can  be noticed immediately.

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