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Skin & Beauty Tips Homemade Summer Skin Care Tips In Hindi

Skin & Beauty Tips Homemade Summer Skin Care Tips In Hindi

 1 – It is very important to take proper care of the skin with dust and sweat in the summer. The sun’s heat, pollution and dirt also damaged good skin from the soil, and many problems like nail acne, scary, dark brown spots, blackheads, gum and sweat smell are revealed.

 2 – Oily skin is more healthy than any other type of skin. There is always moisture in it and the sun’s rays can not affect it too much, make less make-up on the oily skin in summer, because the skin is oily, make-up will appear to be muddy.

 3 – Summers are harmful to oily skin. If the stomach also worsens, then the problem of acne also increases. Eat balanced food to keep the stomach clean, stomach is fine with fiber and carbohydrate cation.

 4 – Grind neem leaves and mix mint juice in it and put it on the face, after 10 minutes wash the face with ice. It keeps the skin of oily skin.

 5 – Tip no. 5 On any skin, the tomato juice made of ice cube massage is beneficial, it gives comfort to the scorching skin, the loss of the face remains.

 6 – Tip no. 6 In the rubbing skin, the hair follicles are not open, makeup can be done comfortably, but it also becomes necessary to prevent diseases and infection.

 7 – A number 7 Wash the face thoroughly as soon as you wake up in the morning. Then add a little raw milk in the orange peel powder and apply it on the face. Massage with light hand after 5-7 minutes and wash your face with cold water.

8 – Tip No. 8 Wash hands and mouth thoroughly before sleeping at night, so that the dirt becomes cleared throughout the day. After this, do not apply oil-free moisturizers on the skin.

 9 – Tip Number 9 Clean the hands and nails properly with the brush before bathing and before sleeping. Do not let the dirt or the rubbish in your hands, wash hands with soap immediately.

10 – A number 10 every 15 days after the beautician, make sure to do Mnei Cure, which will wrap the nails according to your fingers and take out the dead skin near the nails and massage it well.

 11- Tip Number 11 In summer, wearing comfortable shoes slippers, fear of corn due to sweat by type shoes slippers. Before wearing the shoes, definitely do the tailpum powders in the feet, especially in the fingers.

 12 – Keep a number 12 nails short. Clean the foot and apply a little cream, so that the edges are not ready to burst.

13 – Make a pedicure in a number 13 summer, so that the muscles are healthy and the feet look beautiful. If you wear skirts, then do the waxing of the legs.

14 – Keep tip 14 numbers and eyes out of the sun. In summer, it is very necessary to apply sunscreen on the open parts of the body.

 15 – Tip Number 15 Many companies claim that sunscreen is also present in their moisturizer, but it will be good to have a sunscreen lotion separately with moisturizers. If you are going to have more time in the sun, then apply sunscreen lotion well.

 16 – Tip no. 16 Put the cream under the eyes so that there is moisture in the skin and there will be no wrinkles. But wash this cream 15 minutes before sleeping, which does not make the eyes swollen. Due to the cream, the hair follicles of the skin are closed, leaving the skin unable to breathe.

 17 – In the tip no. 17 days pollution, the sun’s ultraviolet rays and smoke-resistant ability to respond to the skin-by the night, and the natural sources of vitamins C and Vitamin E of the skin begin to end. Night cream goes inside the skin and caters to these sources. But keep in mind that do not leave cream overnight on oily skin, use oilless cream.

 18 – Tip Number 18 Aha-made cream is very useful for the loss of skin due to the sun’s rays, AHA is very helpful in reducing the age of skin, acne and facial marks.
19 – Tip Number 19 is very harmful to the sunlight. The direct radiation of the sun destroys the Cologen and Elastic Tissue in the skin and its effect goes on growing. Sunscreen lotions or sunblock block this harmful effect of sunlight.

20 – While leaving the tip number 20, keep a tissue paper with a clean napkin, paper napkin or lemon and UD-colon. Wipe the face when sweating. Otherwise, it will paste the dirt on the sweat. There is fear of acne.

 21 – Tip no. 21 Do not wear perfume or perfume as long as you go to the sunlight. The skin burns from the sun, and it can be black rashes on your skin, combined with perfume.

#22 – While wearing sunglasses, put eye glasses on the eyes, which does not harm the eyes and the skin beneath them. You will also avoid the inconvenience seen due to the sharp rays.

23 – Cover the head with a scarf, scarf or sari in the sun. This will not affect the sun’s harmful rays on the hair. It is better to carry an umbrella in the sun, due to the direct sunlight of the sun, your skin and hair will remain all over. The sun’s radiations prove to be very harmful to the hair.

Summer food should be like Summer Food Tips in Hindi

Tip # 24 – In the summer, hunger looks less, fried things less like eating. If this is not done in a balanced nutritious diet this season, then the body becomes insipid and health also worsens.

Diseases such as diarrhea, flu, dehydration also raise head during this season, so it is important that you pay proper attention to your diet.

Tip # 25 – Drink plenty of water in this season, leaving all the dirt out of the body. Digestion is fine and the skin remains fine. Keep in mind that there should be no water shortage in the body, at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. This will also help in preventing Lu.

Tip # 26 – Take raw onion, it will also get rid of lu.

Tip # 27 – Seasonal fruits and green vegetables in the summer (Take Seasonal Fruits and Green Vegetable In Summer Season). Take a balanced diet, it will help to keep the digestion process healthy.

Tip # 28 – If you are going out, drink plenty of water before going out. To purify the water, use it by boiling or filtering the water. If you do not get such water out, then it would be better if you drink bottled water.

Tip # 29 – Eat plenty of vitamins and minerals in this season. By sweating, elements like magnesium emit from the body, causing fatigue and muscle pain.

Tip # 30 – Eat vitamin B as much as possible in the summer, it provides relief in muscle pain and fatigue. Whole grains, seeds, nuts and sprouted pulses contain plenty of vitamin B

Tip # 31 – Eat a little in the day, do not eat too much as it may cause dysfunction. Consumption of spinach, cucumber, cucumber, grapes, watermelon, melon, papaya, orange, gourd, lemon etc. is beneficial for the skin; This gives the skin inner protection.

Tip # 32- Raw vegetables and raw fruits should never be eaten together, because they need different types of enzymes to digest.

Tip # 33 – In the stomach acids are formed quickly, so once in a day mix sugar and salt and drink lemonade. It keeps moisture in the body and the toxins of the body also get out.

Summer Exercise Healthy Summer Exercise Tips In Hindi

Tip # 34 – Exercise regularly in the summer, it is better to have blood circulation and the body’s dirt comes out as a sweat. Jumping the rope, moving fast, swimming, badminton etc fill the body in the body; Along with this, hunger also opens.

Tip # 35 – Drink cold water or fruit juice after exercise. After 1 hour make a balanced meal.

Tip # 36 – You can also do regular yoga, this also keeps the body healthy and also gives peace of mind.
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