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Look beautiful so be happy

Look beautiful so be happy

Think positively and be happy. There is no excuse for laughing.

Do something that gives spiritual satisfaction. Make a hobby, try someone’s help, take care of someone’s friend

Make the family your strengths, maintain mildness in relationships. If you are happy at the private level then the social level will also be good and the development of the career will also be possible.

Eat good, think good, see good, listen and read. Breathe heavily Please accept every fluctuation of life freely, because nothing is permanent.

Abandon hatred, condemnation and hatred of heart. Make the thoughts clean with the body too.

Give yourself some time. Yoga, spend some moments with nature, exercise, walk, meditate. These are the essential conditions of looking beautiful .

Some makeup of beauty is also important

Only after making makeup on your face, our beauty enhances us for a while, but we do not think the effect of these chemicals on our skin is on our skin. If you always want to see your skin fertile, then following the things given below, you can enhance your skin. Usually we do not pay attention to the smallest things related to beauty, but they really help in enhancing the beauty of our skin and face. What are those fifteen things which are very important to pay attention to.

1. Make use of make-up according to your skin.

2. Always apply toner after washing face. This makes the makeup last longer.

3. Before applying the foundation, put a little moisturizer on the wet skin so that it looks similar and the natural glow on the face.

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4. Never do crash datings. This destroys the beauty of the skin.

5. Eating and drinking always have to be controlled, as well as a little exercise. By keeping it beautiful, the body is healthy too.

6. Apply lime juice in the cream to get the oil in the skin. The skin becomes soft and soft.

7. Get 6-7 hours of sleep every day.

8. Do not use expensive lipsticks, bindi, it is more likely to be allergic.

9. Eating an empty stomach in the morning every day helps to increase the skin and reduce mental stress.

10. Due to hair fall and white, there is often stress, which destroys facial glow. For this, keep the quantity of nutrients sufficient in the food.

11. Wake up in the morning and drink half a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice in warm water. It keeps the stomach clean.

12. As far as possible, give the first rays of morning sunlight to the body, so that vitamin A and D gets the body, health is also good.

13. Clean the face from the clinking milk before sleeping so that the extra oil of the skin is released.

14. Put a clencher in your hands and rubbing palms, make a foam, then rub it on the face, the face gets cleared quickly.

15. Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E bring out skin, do not forget to include them in the diet. Use them in some form.

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